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Smart Solutions4Smart Cities

Smart Solutions4Smart Cities

Smart Solution 4 Waste Management is a complete solution composed of 5 modules that are connected into a complete system for managing companies that deal with communal services, such as:

  • waste
  • water supply
  • drainage
  • gas supply
  • electricity supply

Smart Solution is a system that monitors processes from the circulation of complete documentation in accordance with the Decree on office operations (FileManagementSystem/DocumentManagementSystem).

After the documents and information are approved, the information moves to the system for managing the vehicle fleet, routes, work orders, where the complete process of events in the field in terms of employees, equipment and other necessary resources is monitored (VehicleTransportSystem).

After that, the information is transferred to PANTHEON ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), where complete merchandise, material, financial operations, travel orders, payroll, production and Business Intelligence (BI) are managed.

The information processed in the ERP is sent to the Billing system, from where aggregate outgoing invoices are sent to end users on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly basis.

All of this is accompanied by additional legal reports related to waste management, and others if necessary.

The system is modern, open for further communication with other systems where the possibility of upgrading and the possibility of creating a portal for communication with legal and physical persons is open.