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The LAMA company is a Datalab Reseller Partner.PANTHEON is a modern business information system for running, managing and developing a company.

PANTHEON is a modern and reliable business program, created for the e-century, which enables users to gain and maintain a competitive advantage, which the user of the system will be able to fully use after implementation, and make their business decisions based on daily information that is accurate and up-to-date, and covers all business segments.

In the PANTHEON system, all business processes for the day-to-day operations of companies are supported.Business processes are related to:·      

  • Commodity and material business
  • Financial business
  • Production
  • Reports
  • BI

With our knowledge and experience, we enable users to improve business processes within their daily operations and thereby fully optimize the use of available resources.

Additionally, we have developed various "vertical" modules that are specific to the operations of individual industries.

We also develop and program new solutions and reports according to user requests.